Fire-exposed emergency stairways

Fire design

Emergency stairway in front of a hostel

In buildings, external stairs are often used as an escape route and thus have to meet requirements for the fire resistance class. The required fire resistance class depends on the building class, e.g. R30 from building class 3. If a steel staircase construction is used, the question of structural fire protection arises in the event of fire due to the unfavorable material behavior of structural steel.

To apply intumescent coating to the steel construction has the disadvantage that the approvals of the intumescent are often limited to the effect that they must not be constantly exposed to moisture. In addition, the coating causes both direct costs for the first application and ongoing maintenance costs for its maintenance. In addition, intumescent agents are sensitive to mechanical damage such as scratches.

Instead, external staircases can be fire-designed in a way that intumescent coating becomes superfluous. For various projects, we have fire-designed staircases to meet for example requirements for fire class R30.

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